Nicole Richie Ready to Walk Down The Aisle?

November 9, 2010 By:
Nicole Richie Ready to Walk Down The Aisle?

How many times do we need to hear this rumor before it actually happens?

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are apparently gonna get married during the first week of December.

A source has told X17: "I heard Nicole Richie talking excitedly to Christina Aguilera about her upcoming wedding. She said, '29 days to go!'"

Wow! Do 'sources' really hear that stuff? Can you envision Nicole Richie telling Christina out of all people that there's '29 days to go' considering the fact that Christina Aguilera is currently going through a divorce. If there's any advice Xtina is gonna give it's gonna be DON'T DO IT!

At this point I'm hoping Nicole and Joel DO get married soon so one rumor can be put to rest. Next, Beyonce should really get pregnant because there have been just ridiculous Beyonce pregnant rumors and I can't take it anymore.