Nicole Richie Probation Ends Early…Special Treatment?

December 29, 2010 By:
Nicole Richie Probation Ends Early…Special Treatment?

Nicole Richie’s 18-month probation for driving the wrong way down the freeway ended today—three months early!

She’s been on probation ever since that run-in with the law in December 2006, and during that time she’s literally morphed into a new woman. Apparently the authorities decided to cut her probation period—which was scheduled to end in March—short because she’s been such a good girl.

According to E! Online, the judge said he’s give Nicole a break as long as she finished her alcohol education classes by a certain date.

And she did just that! Lawyer to the fu**ups stars Shawn Chapman Holley showed up to court this morning with proof Nicole did everything she needed to do. But I’m convinced she still got a little taste of the star treatment. Any regular old person would probably have to complete the remaining three months.

But Nicole really is a changed woman—so I’m happy she’s finally done with all that crap!