Nicole Richie on Having More Kids

January 5, 2011 By:
Nicole Richie on Having More Kids

Now that Nicole Richie is a married woman, she admits she can get away with a lot more than she used to when she was just Joel's girlfriend.

Nicole was a special guest on Tuesday's The Talk where she gushed about married life and whether or not she would have more kids.

When asked what has changed since saying "I do" she said, "It's different because I know I can get away with more."

Asked if she would elaborate, Nicole replied: "I haven't tested him yet." Um...what the hell does that mean?! That's for clearing up that.

When asked if little Harlow and Sparrow are going to get another sibling soon she said, "I don't think it's fair to ask someone that's had two back-to-back if they're going to have another one...You never know."

So what's next for Nicole Richie? "I need a nap." With two young kids and a fashion line, we don't blame her!