Nicole Richie Gets Restraining Order Against Paparazzi

November 10, 2010 By:
Nicole Richie Gets Restraining Order Against Paparazzi

Nicole Richie may seem sweet and innocent but if you mess with her cubs, mama Bear is gonna come after you!

Nicole has successfully gotten a restraining order against this one douchebag paparazzi that has been stalking her daughter Harlow for months.

The pap, Fabricio Luis Mariotto, follows Nicole and Harlow to school every day and hangs out near the school all day until she leaves again.

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According to TMZ, Nicole says in her petition for the restraining order, "[Mariotto] drives erratically around my children and others, yells, screams and attempts to scare us so that he can photograph our reaction. He trespasses on preschool property to photograph the children."

Nicole adds, "He has often left his car in the middle of a busy street just to chase me for a photograph."

Just a few months ago Nicole posted a blog about this same photographer and how disgusting his stalking has become.

She wrote on her blog, "You are stalking the children. Now how do you feel? I PROMISE YOU that I am going to do a background check on each and every person that I see there. For the safety of my children and others."

So far Nicole has a temporary restraining order against this creep bag, but the good news is he's no longer allowed to hang out near Harlow's school. You go Nicole!