Nicole Richie Attempts to Squash Wedding Rumors

December 4, 2010 By:
Nicole Richie Attempts to Squash Wedding Rumors

Either Nicole Richie is using Twitter to pull a fast one on us or she's just not getting married this weekend!

Rumors started going around about a possible wedding when delivery trucks were spotted at Lionel Richie's Beverly Hills mansion.

There have been rumors for months now that Nicole and Joel were going to get married this weekend. It also happens to be their anniversary weekend, but Nicole attempted to squash the rumors by Tweeting that she's in NYC.

On Friday night she Tweeted: "Aaahhhhh FINALLY a proper winter. And I had to go all the way to New York to get it."

Unless we see pics of Nicole Richie in NYC, we're gonna assume that she's trying to pull a fast one.