Lionel Richie: Sparrow Looks Like Harlow

September 14, 2009 By:
Lionel Richie: Sparrow Looks Like Harlow

Proud grandpa Lionel Richie couldn't be more thrilled that his daughter Nicole Richie had a baby boy and he's already hard at work spoiling his grandson.

Lionel admits that he's already bought little Sparrow a "football helmet and cleats," and can't wait to spoil him even more.

While Nicole has gone into hiding after giving birth, Lionel is giving us a glimpse of what little Sparrow looks like.

"He looks just like Harlow," Lionel told People magazine of Sparrow James Midnight. "All babies sort of look the same as their siblings, but this is identical."

As for the new mom, he says Nicole is "the happiest woman ever. She is just in total control. I'm the one that's nervous!"

As for Sparrow's big sister, Lionel joked, "Harlow right now is enjoying the baby until she finds out it’s staying."

We can't wait to see Nicole's little boy. Harlow is already one of the cutest babies in the world so we're sure Sparrow is going to be just as adorable!