Joel Madden Yells at Nicole Over $3,000 Pillow Purchase

March 10, 2011 By:
Joel Madden Yells at Nicole Over $3,000 Pillow Purchase

Nicole Richie may have had an unlimited shopping budget while living with dad Lionel Richie, but now that she's a married woman, hubby Joel Madden is putting her on check!

Thanks to Twitter, we know that Nicole has some seriously ridiculous expensive taste. She purchased $3,000 worth of pillows and Joel was pissed off about it, he tweeted it to the entire world.

"Do you ever look at your credit card bill and ask your wife how the hell she could spend 3 thousand dollars on pillows? I do. PILLOWS," he tweeted.

Nicole has a simple reply for him, "That's why I ignore your calls," she Tweeted.

Joel continued, "I mean, can't we just go to Target and get our pillows??? [Shaking My Head'."

No response from Nicole. She was probably eyeing a $4,000 pillow cover.

But Joel really put his foot down. "Needless to say, the pillows are going back to the expensive ass pillow store. Hope she likes the Target pillows I'm putting in their place!...Trust me the pillows were gone before i even tweeted!"

Love you Nicole, but I'm with Joel on this one. Who the hell spends $3,000 on pillows!? And they bet they're those super uncomfortable fancy ones that just sit there and collect dust.

"I was thinking they must be made from unicorn manes or some s**t," Joel joked. So was it? That would explain a lot.