Harlow Winter Kate Madden Is Already Talking

April 10, 2008 By:
Harlow Winter Kate Madden Is Already Talking

Wasn't Harlow Winter born like last week? Harlow's grandma Brenda Richie claims that Harlow Winter is already talking!

Grandmama said, “The other day I was holding her, and Harlow said, ‘Hi!’ I said, ‘Nicole, did you hear that?’ Nicole said, ‘I don’t think she knew what she was saying!’”

“I’m lucky if I get to [see] the baby. She loves being with that baby! [Harlow’s] bathing time has to be right on schedule! I was strict with Nicole, and she fought all of it. Now here is she is, being the same way I was [with her] — it’s great to see!”

Nicole definitely looks like she's been losing major sleep since Harlow was born--which is a good sign! She's actually being a hands on mom, which is great coming from a reformed party girl.