Why Nicole Kidman Was Against Having Australian Surrogate

January 18, 2011 By:
Why Nicole Kidman Was Against Having Australian Surrogate

You’d think Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban would have wanted their surrogate to be Australian, since it’s where they’re both from.

But they had their reasons for picking an American surrogate, and having the baby’s birth be in the U.S. as well. According to TMZ, Nic and Keith feel like their lives are under too much scrutiny in Australia, and their every move is watched.

Nicole and Keith Urban Have Another Baby!

It’s hard to believe, but they’re even bigger stars down under! Sources close to the couple said we Americans are more "entertainment oriented," and there are so many celebs having babies over here all the time, whereas in Australia the chances would have been higher of someone finding out.

We hear Nicole even kept some of her reps in the dark about this! I wonder if she even told any family members! That is one massive secret! Congrats to keeping it under wraps the whole time!