Nicole Kidman's Special Delivery

June 27, 2008 By:
Nicole Kidman's Special Delivery

Nicole Kidman stunned a Tennessee radio DJ when she showed up to the station with lunch for him. Confused? Here's the breakdown: Keith Urban was a guest host on the show that afternoon, so Nicole called in to compliment her hubby on his father-to-be skills.

"This is Keith's wife!" She said, "Keith has been doing Lamaze lessons, he is selling himself short... He has been very good at it."

Nicole mentioned that she was stuck in traffic, but was on her way to pick Keith up from the studio. The DJ jokingly told Nicole to pick him up a salad while she was on her way over. And that's just what Nicole did!

30 minutes later Nicole showed up to the studio with his lunch in tow. The DJ was so stunned by her gesture, he refused to eat it. "I have no intention of eating this. Are you kidding? Lunch delivered by Nicole Kidman? I'm having it bronzed!"

How awesome is that? Having Nicole Kidman bring you lunch! She may be one of the biggest celebrities in the world, but she’s so humble, we're not even surprised by the story.