Nicole Kidman Upsets Australians Again

December 23, 2008 By:
Nicole Kidman Upsets Australians Again

Nicole Kidman is sort of on a roll with offending people lately.

Just last week, she angered aboriginal groups by playing the sacred instrument the didgeridoo, which women are forbidden to play. And now locals in Sydney are upset with her as well.

Nicole has been keeping her luxury yacht outside of the home she used to own there. Nicole doesn’t even live there anymore, but her huge boat has just been sitting on the street. Residents are annoyed that Nicole is getting special treatment because she’s a celebrity. Well of course she is!

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, locals have started a campaign to have the vessel removed. But a rep for Nicole denies she’s been getting preferential treatment, telling the paper that the governing committee "would never do anything just because it’s her."

Sounds like these locals have their panties in a bunch over nothing. They should come to LA and see how celebrities are treated like kings and queens every day, and they’d realize this isn’t such a big deal! But Nicole’s not really on the right track of getting positive press while out promoting her new movie Australia. Maybe it’s time for a mother-daughter staged photo op so everyone forgets!