Nicole Kidman Rejects Baby Photo Deal

July 14, 2008 By:
Nicole Kidman Rejects Baby Photo Deal

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have reportedly rejected a multi million dollar offer to publish the first photos of their newborn daughter Sunday Rose.

According to the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, "They don't think it's appropriate to make deals. They are still deciding how they feel about (it) - if and when they will release a photo at all. But they realize there is enormous interest from the public and they are grateful and appreciative of that.

"Nicole and Keith have been enjoying their first few days at home with their firstborn tot - Nicole is thinking about things like breastfeeding right now."

If they decide to release the photo, they said it they would release it for free. It's actually a better idea to make a deal with a magazine and donate the proceeds to charity, if they feel weird about selling the photos. Because if they don't, a paparazzi is the one who is going to bank off those first photos.