Nicole Kidman Dishes on Her Post Baby Body

December 1, 2008 By:
Nicole Kidman Dishes on Her Post Baby Body

At the recent opening of the blockbuster film Australia, Cindy Adams of The NY Post chatted it up with Nicole Kidman. The topic at hand? Getting her body back after giving birth to baby Sunday.

When asked how she managed to drop the weight, Nicole admitted that she still has some work to do in that department. "It's not all off. I gained 30 pounds, most of which was in breast milk, and losing that weight has taken five months," she said.

She even offered up her secret to looking thin, saying: Remember two years ago my dress was so tight I couldn't sit down? Tonight's makes me look slim, but only because it's looser. The key to looking thinner? Wear a looser dress."

If only it were that easy, everyone would just wear baggy dresses to the Oscars and call it a day. Like that would ever happen.