Nicole Kidman Angers Australian Indigenous Groups

December 15, 2008 By:
Nicole Kidman Angers Australian Indigenous Groups

Nicole Kidman has done something to upset the Aboriginal groups in Australia.

She and Hugh Jackman were guests on the popular German show 'Wetten Dass' to promote their movie Australia, when Nicole took an
instrument called the didgeridoo and started playing it.

The didgeridoo is an instrument considered sacred to the indigenous groups of Australia, and women are banned from playing the instrument in many parts of the country.

While Nicole performed, Hugh stood on one leg, imitating an aborigine. Didn't exactly go over too well with those groups.

Allen Madden, cultural and educational officer at Sydney's Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council says of the incident, "I presume she doesn't know, otherwise she wouldn't be playing it. But [I would have thought] the women on that set would have told her. Baz should know something about it, after working with those traditional fellas on the film."

The reason Nicole's performance offended the people so much is because some Indigenous nations believe the didgeridoo, or yirdaki, can make women infertile. We're pretty sure she will offer up an apology any minute now. Especially since she probably meant no harm by it!