Nicole Kidman Already Wants Baby #3

February 3, 2011 By:
Nicole Kidman Already Wants Baby #3

Having a baby without a single person in the world fining out was such a thrill for Nicole Kidman, she's ready to do it again.

Nicole and Keith just welcomed Faith Margaret via gestation carrier, and before Keith can say 'poopy diaper', Nicole is ready for baby #3.

She said: "I want more children. I love being around that life force. People ask, 'Was the film [Rabbit Hole] really hard?' Well, it wasn't hard to find the emotions. It was hard to keep them in, to put them back. And I cannot imagine doing this if I didn't have children."

Nicole has two adopted kids with ex Tom Cruise, but hasn't seen them much since the split. But giving birth to Sunday Rose made a different person.

She explained: "Something happens to you as a woman once you've given birth. You change on a cellular level. You change and are altered."

I'd say I feel sorry for her adopted kids for being left out of the family, but Tom is probably spoiling them to death as we speak so they're all good.