Keith Urban Denies Nicole Kidman Pregnancy Rumors

July 3, 2009 By:
Keith Urban Denies Nicole Kidman Pregnancy Rumors

Every time Nicole Kidman eats a sandwich, pregnancy rumors spread like wildfire on the internet. She's been pregnant 35 times already, according to online reports.

Sorry to disappoint you Nicole fans, but her hubby Keith Urban has shot down the rumors once and for all. “No, not true,” says Keith of the baby gossip.

“A little bit of tweaking (of photos) does that. If we were to have another child though we would be very happy but we are more then happy with Sunday. We feel very blessed to have one child.”

In the past few months in between every other pregnancy rumor, there were reports that they were going to adopt as well, but there's no truth to that rumor either.

One baby is a handful for the superstar parents, so lets put the preggers rumors to rest for a while.