Best Worst Makeup: Celebrity Edition

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Best Worst Makeup: Celebrity Edition
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A bad makeup moment can haunt you forever. Lipstick on your teeth on a first date, mascara that runs down your face after you cried during that Ryan Gosling movie, your prom photo etc.

These are a few celebs caught without their best face forward. Warning – do not try these looks at home.

Leighton Meester: Wuddup raccoon eyes. Leighton went to a party in NYC back in 2009 with purple-grey smokey eyes and bright red lips. Doesn’t she know that you always pair a smokey eye with a nude lip! It’s eyes OR lips, not both!

Pamela Anderson: If it’s at all possible to wear a “Pam Anderson” rubber mask, the Baywatch babe found one. Back in ’08 Pam was doing the rounds for her new show “Pam: Girl On The Loose” with sharpie eyeliner and badly caked on make-up. Yikes!

Nicole Kidman: Sometimes a make-up artist will put lighter concealer under the eye to make the eyes look brighter in photographs or film, or in the case of Nicole Kidman at the 2009 premiere of “Nine” she wore sunscreen-esque white horizontal stripes under her eyes.

Tina Fey: Ahh poor Tina Fey, she showed up to an event at the MET in 2010 with the most garish make-up application. I'm guessing that the comedienne has no idea how to put make-up on and when the make-up artist sent her out the door looking like an oversized child hooker and she just had to deal with it.

Emma Watson: The <em>Perks Of Being A Wallflower</em> actress went to the New York premiere of the final <em>Harry Potter</em> film and wore some make-up that I can only describe as “Halloween,” Jet black eye shadow with orange glitter? Nope.

Brooke Shields: Usually Brooke Shields is incredibly well-groomed and a flawless woman, except for one night after getting out of a performance from her role in “The Addams Family” last year she looked a little worse for wear. Morticia called and wants her make-up back.

Sarah Jessica Parker: I know during the winter it’s super tempting to wear a foundation a shade darker than your actual skin tone to look more tan, but that’s why we have bronzer. Sarah Jessica Parker did NOT get the memo apparently.

Lindsay Lohan: Clearly perfecting her “zombie” make-up, Lindsay Lohan showed up to the courthouse last year with pale skin and hollowed out cheeks, no-thanks to a little too much bronzer.