Nine More Injured on Nick Cage's Movie Set

May 8, 2009 By:
Nine More Injured on Nick Cage's Movie Set

Nicolas Cage’s current movie The Scorcer’s Apprentice is a dangerous set to be a part of! Nine more people have been injured after an action sequence went terribly wrong.

On Wednesday morning, an SUV smashed into a parked car near the set in Times Square. It was meant to crash into a set taxi cab, but the driver lost control and crashed into the wrong car, causing both vehicles to jump a curb where crew members were sitting. Nine people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

All but two people have been released from the hospital. The SUV driver isn’t facing any criminal charges, and the police are ruling it an accident.

Even the crew members were shocked. One crew member said, "Twice in three days? At least this time it wasn't our fault."

They need to take it easy on that set! Can’t they just work some magic in post production to avoid more injuries??