From Nicolas Cage to Pamela Anderson: Celebs With Creepy Home Intruders

September 15, 2011 By:
From Nicolas Cage to Pamela Anderson: Celebs With Creepy Home Intruders

Being a celebrity is probably really, really cool. Flashing lights, tons of money, and everything else you see on Entourage. It's awesome. That is, until some freak breaks into your house, wears your underwear and eats your food, refusing to leave.

Nicolas Cage recently revealed he had his own terrifying encounter with a home intruder. Cage stars in an upcoming home invasion thriller flick, Trespass. During an interview, Cage recalls his personal experience with the subject:

"I've lived through it. I've actually experienced it. I was living in Orange County. It was two in the morning. There was a man, in front of my bed. My little one, my 2-year-old at the time, was sleeping in the other room. I was in bed with my wife."

If that doesn’t give you chills, this should. The dude was apparently, "totally naked." Well, not totally:

"He was wearing my leather jacket. He was eating a Fudgesicle. He was staring at me. I got up out of the bed. I put my jeans on and I chased him into the bathroom. I said, 'What are you doing in my house?' I decided somewhere to use verbal judo. I was very commanding with my voice and I got him to get out of my house. The cops came and they took him. It was scary."

Is it just me, or is the Fudgesicle the creepiest part of this story? I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear Nicolas Cage's leather jacket while eating a Fudgesicle? But waking up to that image at the foot of your bed is just terrifying.

Director Joel Schumaker asked if he was robbed. "He robbed my Fudgesicle. In any way, I didn't press charges because I felt that maybe, he was not quite right. My wife was terrified," said Cage. "He swam in. He swam on to the dock and crept into the house."

Pamela Anderson also revealed a creepy break-in this week. She had an intruder living with her without even knowing it.

"When the police took her, she was even wearing one of my 'Baywatch' bathing suits. It was very scary, actually. I was in my house with my children, alone, and this woman had gotten in and was there for a few days."

Anderson said she kept noticing her bread going missing, and thought it was odd, but chalked it up to being a busy mom.

The woman slit her wrists when the cops arrived, and while she didn't die, she was deported, says Anderson.

Then there was Paris Hilton's infamous stalker. He was spotted trying to look into Hilton's home and was then arrested. It was the same guy that attacked Hilton's ex-boyfriend, Cy Waits, outside an L.A. Courthouse in April. In October of last year, he got into an altercation with Hilton's security when they found him trespassing on her property. Totes not hot, bech!

In February, a stalker was arrested for breaking into the home of Ellen DeGeneres. The woman—Karen Grace-Sjoden was described as a "delusional conspiracy theorist" who had an unhealthy obsession with Hilary Clinton. And this is according to her daughter:

"She's mentioned that she knows Ellen DeGeneres and she's mentioned Hilary Clinton before. No one took it seriously because she was never a harm to anybody. Now, it's obvious that she needs treatment, for her mental issues."

So next time you meet someone who name drops, keep in mind, they might actually be delusional.

One weekend in July, Halle Berry kept finding a man on her property looking at her through her windows. Straight out of a horror movie. Hopefully she wasn't listening to old country music on a record player and walking around in her underwear. Because that never ends well in horror movies. Police finally found the guy two days after he was first seen spying on her. 27 year-old Richard Anthony Franco was accosted by Berry's security guards when he jumped over the wall of her home. They detained him, called police, and he was arrested.

Celine Dion also had a bizarre home intruder recently. Luckily, she wasn't home for it. A man got hold of the singer's garage door opener, let himself in the house, and was getting ready to help himself to a bath. He also munched on some pastries in the fridge. When he came back from the kitchen to take his bath, he was greeted by police.

"Hey, guys, what are you doing here?" He asked.

Beware, celebs. There are a ton of crazies after there, and they all want to wear your clothes and eat your pastries.