Nicky Hilton's Home Burglarized

December 9, 2009 By:
Nicky Hilton's Home Burglarized

Seems like no celebrity home is safe from burglars this year. Nicky Hilton is the latest star to have her home burglarized.

Burglars got away with a ton of jewelry, including a piece of Lalique crystal and her laptop when they invaded her home yesterday afternoon.

Just a few months ago sister Paris Hilton had her house robbed by "the burglar bunch" and over $2 million dollars worth of goods were taken.

Posting on her Twitter page, Paris said Nicky’s break-in: “Her house just got robbed. So messed up. I HATE people who steal! It’s so wrong! I hope they catch whoever did this! There has been so many robberies lately. So scary!"

She later added, “The cops finally just got to Nicky’s house. She thought her cats escaped in the robbery but she just found them under the bed. Thank God. (sic)”

Seriously folks, no one is safe from these pesky burglars. Our advice: if you're a celebrity, get a great alarm system and video surveillance.