Nicky Hilton to Paris: No More Fame Hungry Boyfriends!

May 5, 2010 By:
Nicky Hilton to Paris: No More Fame Hungry Boyfriends!

Paris Hilton is enjoying her newly single status, and has been going out a lot lately. We’ve noticed Nicky Hilton has been playing the role of the good sister by accompanying her out and about lately too.

Hollyscoop caught up with Nicky last night (sans Paris) at the I Heart Ronson event in Hollywood, and she told us what kind of guy she sees in Paris’ future.

Nicky told us, “Someone who is normal and has a normal job. Who does not want the spotlight. That’s what she needs.”

When we asked if that meant celebrities are off limits from now on, Nicky nodded in agreement. But it doesn’t sound like Paris will have time for a boyfriend any time soon. The sisters have a summer of traveling ahead of them. Nicky told us, “We’re planning on going to South Africa.”

In addition, Paris and Nicky plan on getting out of the LA scene for a little while too this summer. She told us they plan on getting a little R&R at their “house in South Hampton.”

Sounds pretty nice to us! And Nicky definitely has the right intentions with her sister not dating any more fame whores! We’d love to see Paris with a normal guy!