Is Nicky Hilton Battling Anorexia?

March 12, 2008 By:
Is Nicky Hilton Battling Anorexia?

Nicky Hilton has been looking very frail lately but she says she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

She insists that she’s ok and that the press has been taking unflattering pictures of her. Umm, the press has targeted her? The press hasn’t ever cared much about Nicky. She’s always been overshadowed by her sister Paris.

Looking at many pictures throughout the months of Nicky, you can definitely tell that she’s lost a lot of weight. How many unflattering pictures can the press take? She’s starting to resemble Allegra Versace
when she was battling anorexia.

Click here to see pics of a heavier Hilton lounging by the pool in Miami last year and you tell us if she hasn't lost a lot of weight.