Police Called to Nicki Minaj's House After Fight With Maid

October 28, 2011 By:
Police Called to Nicki Minaj's House After Fight With Maid

LAPD responded to a call at Nicki Minaj's house on Friday morning. Minaj and her boyfriend got into a fight with a couple of maids. Sounds like a really dangerous, important call. They probably had to send for backup. Anyway, here’s what happened.

A couple of weeks ago, Nicki’s maid found a picture of Nicki in the trash, took it out, and asked the singer to sign it. Instead of giving her an autograph, Minaj got pissed off and fired her. It probably wasn’t even a photo. It was probably the woman’s paycheck.

So according to TMZ, cops said that the maid returned for work today. Of course, Nicki flipped out upon seeing her, and told her to leave. But then, the maid stood her ground and said she wouldn’t be “treated like an animal.” At that point, Nicki said, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal…get the f-ck out of my house.”

Now, here’s the thing. It was actually a totally different maid. Yeah. According to a source, Nicki made a mistake, saw another maid, and assumed it was the one she fired. Unbelievable.

So I guess this means Nicki Minaj thinks all maids look alike. She’s a maidcist. But either way, Nicki’s boyfriend stood up for her and began pushing the maid with his body. Bad enough that you have to clean up after this person, but then you get abused at work? And your boss can’t tell the difference between you and the rest of your coworkers? Worst job ever. The maid’s boss then called the cops and filed a battery report.

So then, when the cops showed up, the maid decided to leave matters alone and no one was taken into custody.

Ever seen Southland? Because there’s a lot of scary gang sh-t officers have to deal with in Los Angeles. But I think they need to make a separate show about the spoiled celebrity calls LAPD has to respond to, too. Like Nicki Minaj fighting with her maid. Or Christina Aguilera arguing with a pool boy. Maybe Paris Hilton reporting her Chihuahua’s sweater missing.

Nicki might be on the top now, but not everyone in the music industry is impressed with her.

“I’m not satisfied with anything she’s done,” rapper Lil Wayne told Vibe magazine. "I believe she can do a whole lot more, and I believe she will do a whole lot more. It's not shocking, and it's not surprising. It's quite fitting. But other than that, it's nowhere near the end."