Nicki Minaj Thinks “Idol” Producers Are Trying to Piss Her Off!

October 4, 2012 By:
Nicki Minaj Thinks “Idol” Producers Are Trying to Piss Her Off!

Everyone be quiet and let the crazy lady talk. In an attempt to make her ghetto rant on Tuesday night seem less like her fault, Nicki Minaj is reportedly telling people that “American Idol” producers are purposefully pushing Mariah into starting beef with Nicki.

Sources told TMZ that Nicki is PISSED OFF and is convinced that the producers want to “get under her skin” because they think it’s good for ratings. Basically, Nicki thinks there is a conspiracy theory/pact between Mariah and producers to get Nicki as angry as possible each week. This coming from the woman with like 7 alter-egos.

Nicki then blabbed some more hood rat speak, telling her people that if “Idol” keeps up the drama she will “cut it off at the head.”

Whatever that means.

Nicki says she is nobody’s “puppet” and if Mariah starts pushing her buttons again, instead of blowing up like last time, she is just going to walk off the set.

Honestly, that would also be good for ratings. Win or lose, Nicki is still their puppet.

However, judging by Ryan Seacrest’s response to the fight and from what this “Idol” source reveals, it seems like the “Idol” producers were actually shocked by Nicki and Mariah’s cat fight and would never actively try to make that happen again.

The source adds that “Idol” producers are trying to regain peace on set and are not using Mariah and Nicki’s feud to feed viewers.

We think Nicki’s inner hood-monster came out on Tuesday and now she’s trying to pass the blame onto someone else. NEXT. We’d rather watch Britney Spears’ glassy eye gaze over on “The X Factor” any day.