Nicki Minaj GOING OFF On Twitter About Mariah Carey Beef!

October 4, 2012 By:
Nicki Minaj GOING OFF On Twitter About Mariah Carey Beef!

Hell hath no fury like a crazy f-cking woman named Nicki Minaj.

In the midst of the she-said, she-said drama, Barbara Walters just confirmed on her daytime talk show “The View” that she recently spoke to Mariah Carey and Carey says she had to amp up her security team because Nicki did threatened Mariah with a gun!

Well, little miss Nicki would have none of this and has gone on a Twitter rant - tweeting nonsense for the past hour!

Here’s her most salacious tweets, in order of when they were posted and just for clarification sake, she references “tea” A LOT. Tea = gossip. Tea is an urban way to describe gossip, just trust us. I will attempt to translate each tweet from “Nicki speak” to English, bare with me.

Nicki refers to herself as “The Kid.” She thinks “American Idol” wants her off the show. She thinks this is funny.

Nicki says they made up the comment about her wanting to shoot Mariah Carey. She thinks people will believe she actually has a gun because she is a rapper. Nicki wants to talk to Barbara Walters about it. Nicki is accusing everyone of being racist.

Pretty self explanatory.

Uhh, struggle face?

Nicki is upset that Barbara Walters reached out to Mariah Carey instead of her. Nicki thinks it’s because Barbara was afraid she might have a gun, on account of her being a “black rapper.”

Nicki has two feet.

The “American Idol” judges like Nicki better and Mariah is just jealous.

Nicki thought this drama was smoothed over on Wednesday, so Nicki will continue to pour the tea (i.e. gossip).

I have no idea how to translate this.

Nicki does nothing but compliment Mariah Carey. There is no way Mariah should be intimidated by her, because she’s a legend. Shady McGrady… (?)

That’s all for now, stay tuned to her Twitter page as this bizarre story unfolds.