Nicki Minaj Feuding With Steven Tyler Now

November 27, 2012 By:
Nicki Minaj Feuding With Steven Tyler Now

Nicki Minaj is apparently trying to conquer Hollywood, one American Idol beef at a time.

Former Idol judge Steven Tyler has just slammed Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey for their feud, saying they made the show all about them, when the focus should be on the contestants.

“I know that they've got something going on on the judges' panel, and it shouldn't be that, it should be just the opposite,”

Steven told MTV News, “They should have something going on, which is called 'camaraderie.’ Not the 'it' factor because they can fight. The f**k is that all about?"

Steven also went on to say that if Bob Dylan had auditioned for Idol, Nicki would have sent him packing.

“These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere and they're in New York City, they're scared to death; you're not going to get the best out of them... If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield!

Naturally, Nicki was not having it, so she took to her favorite soapbox (Twitter) to vent her frustrations.

“Steven Tyler said I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven’t seen me judge on single solitary contestant yet!”

Fair enough, right? And then she pulled the race card.

“You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan?? Why? Black? Rapper? What? Go f*ck yourself and worry about yourself babe,” wrote Nicki.

But it doesn’t end there. Remember Nicki’s beef with Barbara Walters? Yep, she brought her into this mess too.

“LOL lets make him a shirt that says ‘No Coloreds Allowed’ then escort him down 2 Barbara Walters so he can tell how he was threatened w/guns,” Nicki teased.

So as of now, Nicki has had a celeb feud with Lil Kim, Mariah Carey, Barbara Walters, and Steven Tyler. Her beef knows no bounds.