Nicki Minaj Attacked In Dallas Hotel

July 12, 2011 By:
Nicki Minaj Attacked In Dallas Hotel

Giving the world one more reason to never visit Dallas, Nicki Minaj was allegedly attacked by a man during an argument in a Dallas, TX hotel Monday night.

If I know people from Texas, this argument started over one of two things: an Obama bumper sticker or the Cowboys.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Minaj was hanging poolside at the Palomar Hotel when she got into a verbal altercation with an unidentified man. And in actuality, Nicki was sharing a room at the hotel with this guy.

Nicki told the staff to call police, and then the man stormed off to their hotel room. She followed him, and they continued arguing. When the cops and paramedics arrived, Nicki told authorities he hit her in her lower lip.
So basically, Nicki Minaj has terrible taste in men. Which is why she's perfect for touring with Britney Spears.

The man left the scene when the police got there, but Minaj told them she didn't want to press charges. So calling the police was totally necessary.

Our law enforcement needs to set up an “I'm Pissed At My Boyfriend So I Called 911” Division. Then, when something like this happens, they just send Oprah over to listen and convince the chick to never get married.