It’s a Really Big Week for Lame Celebrity Feuds

August 7, 2014 By:
It’s a Really Big Week for Lame Celebrity Feuds

SHOTS FIRED. Except no one cares…

In every corner of the Hollywood ring, there is a brawl brewing between the most randomly matched celebrities. It’s either a battle between parties of two different industries, someone relevant vs. someone relatively washed up, and/or a fight we’ve seen play out a million times before.

Charlize Theron vs. Tia Mowry

After Tia shared a story claiming Charlize dissed her at a SoulCycle class after she approached her to say hello, the Oscar-winner is on a mission to get the former Disney star banned from the fitness class for life.


Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

After Beyoncé dropped that surprise “***Flawless (Remix)” featuring Nicki, it only took a minute for Kim to churn out her own remix and throw in a few bars shading Nicki. Then she put her on blast, releasing a new track called “Identity Theft” that showcases a photo of Nicki on its cover.


Blake Lively vs. Martha Stewart

Blake debuted her new online lifestyle site Preserve. Martha, the OG homemaker, of course was asked about it, and didn’t have the most supportive things to say, rhetorically wondering why Blake doesn’t just stick to acting. Blake then responded that she can do both and it’s all about what pays the bills.


Drake vs. Rihanna

During a recent performance, Drake flashed the number of the devil (666) along with a photograph of RiRi in between the first and second digit. Of course, all God/Rihanna-fearing mortals noticed and took the rapper to court for it. He responded by stating that the sixes were in reference to the title of his upcoming album Views From The 6 and gave a shout out to her own concert tonight with Eminem.