Nick Nolte Injured After House Catches Fire

October 7, 2008 By:
Nick Nolte Injured After House Catches Fire

This is terrible news! Actor Nick Nolte’s house caught on fire today and he sustained injuries from it! LA Fire Inspector Sam Pedilla says the actor scraped his arm and inhaled smoke trying to out the fire that started at his Malibu home.

According to KTLA news, the fire broke out around 11:34 Tuesday morning at the actor's home in the 6100 block of Bonsall Drive, according to sheriff's officials.

Nolte had to jump through a window to escape the electrical fire that started in the living room, suffering a cut on his right hand, but did not have to be hospitalized. He then tried using a garden hose to put out the fire before firefighters arrived.

There’s $1.5 million in damages. Nolte’s publicist has issued a statement on his behalf thanking the firemen for their quick response. Apparently not quick enough! Would you do what Nolte did by trying to put the fire out yourself?