Vanessa Minnillo Squashes New Years Wedding Report

December 16, 2010 By:
Vanessa Minnillo Squashes New Years Wedding Report

When it comes to wedding planning, Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey are clearing not on the same page.

Earlier this week Nick was on the Rachael Ray show and hinted that him and Vanessa may get hitched while on vacation in Italy for the New Year, but apparently that's new news to Vanessa.

"He was joking, we're not getting married in Italy," Vanessa told Hollyscoop at the black 15in1 exclusive launch party at the Andy LeCompte salon in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

She added, "I think that's the game of telephone, he said it sarcastically and it was misconstrued in print. We're not [getting married in Italy], but that would be a great idea. I think Rachael [Ray] got married in Italy so that's how the media spun it," she said, adding one more time, "we're not getting married there."

Vanessa confessed that she hasn't even started planning for the wedding yet. "I'm not being sarcastic when I say we're enjoying the bliss of it."

So what's the hold up on planning? Vanessa confessed, "I feel irresponsible for not having a date, but someone made a great point, when you're dating everyone is always asking when you're getting engaged. When you're engaged everyone is always asking when you're getting married. When you get married they start asking when you're going to get pregnant. Instead of keeping up with the Jones', we're just enjoying it."

The New Years wedding talk came up when Nick told Rachael, "We're going to be in Tuscany for New Year's. Who knows, we may be married in Tuscany, too."

While a New Years wedding in Tuscany sounds amazing, Nick and Vanessa certainly won't be having one there this New Years. In the meanwhile though, Nick can expect the gift of a "lifetime" from Vanessa.

When asked what she got her hubby she said, "I can't tell you, he doesn't even know! Santa doesn't know, but I got him a gift of a lifetime!"

Gift of a lifetime? Could it be a bun in the oven? Wishful thinking!