Vanessa Minillo: "We Can't Wait To Meet Baby Lachey!"

March 5, 2012 By:
Vanessa Minillo:

I think they should just keep the kid’s name ‘Baby Lachey.’ That’s the cutest celebrity baby name I’ve heard in a while. Plus, when the kid grows up, it could be a rapper. 'Baby Lachey in da house.' See? It works.

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey have been thoroughly enjoying married life, and now there’s proof of that: they’re having a baby. The couple made their news public, with Vanessa Tweeting on Monday morning:

"Finally, Nick and I are ready to share our news...We have been blessed with a little Angel! We can't wait to meet Baby Lachey!!!"

Nick revealed to host Kelly Ripa how the two found out they were having a baby.

“She was in New York and I was in the Bahamas. She went to the store and got a pregnancy test and it came back positive. We’re having a baby!”

So you know, it's the standard way most couples find out they’re having a baby. Minus the Bahamas part, maybe.

The couple began dating in 2006, and they tied the knot in a small ceremony on Necker Island in July. I say “small” and not “private” because the whole thing was documented via a TLC wedding special. It was the most normal show TLC has had on the air since What Not to Wear. Not one person on the wedding special was drinking nail polish or eating toilet paper, so I’m pretty sure TLC viewers were real confused.

"[Babies are] the next natural step," Vanessa told The Huffington Post back in December. "But, God willing, it will happen. It's not a pressure situation. ... The great thing is we have been together for almost six years -- five before we got married -- and now it's just enjoying being a newlywed and you never know. It's what we like to call in the newlywed world 'fun time.' So if that is family planning, so be it.”