Nick Lachey to Take Over for Regis Philbin?

November 30, 2011 By:
Nick Lachey to Take Over for Regis Philbin?

Ever since Regis Philbin announced a couple months ago that he would be retiring as one of the co-hosts of Live! With Regis and Kelly, many have been speculating who would fill his old spot.

Nick Lachey hosted alongside Kelly for a co-hosting stint during October, so does that mean Mr. Lachey could be the new Regis Philbin?

“Well first of all no one takes Regis’s spot,” Lachey told Hollyscoop at the Sing Off Live finale, “Regis is an absolute legend of our industry and he cannot be replaced, that’s first and foremost. But that situation if it ever was an option for me to dive into, I would welcome that opportunity,”

So he’s saying there’s a chance?

It all depends on who Kelly Ripa has the most compatibility with, and when Lachey co-hosted the show last month, Ripa and Lachey proved they would make a cute co-hosting couple. Ripa and Lachey dressed up as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries for Halloween together during the show, and while Kim and Kris didn’t last, that doesn’t mean that Lachey and Ripa can't make it work.

“I’ve enjoyed being apart of that show as a guest host and enjoy working with Kelly so much and everyone there, the entire staff is fantastic so if that opportunity were ever in a hypothetical sense available and open to me I would definitely be interested in that,” Lachey tells HS.

Also, Nick just ended his hosting stint on “The Sing-Off” thereby freeing up his schedule. Nick also previously mentioned that he “adores” Kelly.

“I adore her, as she knows, and love being a part of that show,” Lachey told HLN’s showbiz Tonight.

But if it’s up to Regis on who should take his place, he says, “Everybody asks me that. Listen to this – George Clooney! Philbin jokes to Extra.

Right, he just said that because Kelly Ripa wants to rub elbows with Clooney every day.

Some names being thrown around to take over the Regis void include Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, actor Jerry O’Connel, actor Neil Patrick Harris, and of course, Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest probably can’t do the job because he’s already got like 4 other jobs, the rest of the guys are up in the air, but Philbin explains why Neil Patrick Harris would never work.

Philbin tells Extra that he loves it when NPH guest hosted, but he says he should stick to his mega successful TV show “How I Met Your Mother.”

“Neil Patrick Harris always does a great job -- but he's got an enormous hit,” Philbin says regarding How I Met Your Mother, “They've got to find someone who has the time right now to do that. Neil was great and he will probably pinch hit, I'm sure. They have to keep looking around until they find someone that really appeals to Kelly... and then they'll go for it."

In the meantime, Nick Lachey is definitely promoting his candidacy.