Nick Lachey Gets Busy With Five Women

July 23, 2009 By:
Nick Lachey Gets Busy With Five Women

Nick Lachey isn't sitting at home crying tears over his failed relationship with Vanessa Minnillo. In fact, he's out celebrating being single again.

Lachey, who has always been more of a family guy, has been getting busy with not one, not two, but five gorgeous women! Oh Nick, you've become quite the ladies man, haven't you?

Nick was spotted drinking with friends at Los Angeles bar Madame Royale on Tuesday, and was quickly joined by a group of girls.

A source at the nightspot said: "At one point, he picked up five girls and they all snuck out the back door with him."

Speaking about his split from Vanessa, Nick recently said, “With every experience, you learn something about your life, and you try to take that and move on and be a better person. We'll see what happens.

“I'm in a good place. I've learned, through years of not only being in this business, but being in relationships, that you have to take it as it goes.”

We're glad to hear he's moved on with his life. We were never Nick+Vanessa fans. Who would you like to see Nick date?