Jonas Brothers Love Crazy Fans

February 18, 2009 By:
Jonas Brothers Love Crazy Fans

If you're a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers, don't be afraid to show them --the bigger fan you are, the more they’ll love you.

Nick Jonas promises never to complain about the band's super fans because if they ever stopped screaming for them, that's when he'd be disappointed.

He claims he loves the "craziness" surrounding the group and doesn't believe it's possible for a fan to ever be "over the top."

He says, "I would be more worried if they didn't scream. People like pounding on our car when we're completely stopped and you can't go anywhere."

And he's hoping to find the most outrageous fans when their new 3-D movie is released later this month.

Nick adds, "One of the most special things about this movie is the fans because they make it come to life. They're a part of the whole Jonas Brothers tour experience from their outfits to their signs and the incredible amount of people that are so excited from the beginning that the lights go out to the end of the show. Everyone doesn't stop moving and we feed off the energy of the crowd."

Well you know what they say, when they stop asking for your autograph is when you should be worried. Considering 90% of girls under 18 have sever Jonas Fever, they probably don't have anything to worry about.