Nick Hogan Continues To Complain About Jail

June 2, 2008 By:
Nick Hogan Continues To Complain About Jail

Nick Hogan
cannot keep his mouth shut and stop complaining about being in solitary confinement. If he just stopped his whining for one minute, he would probably have a better chance of getting out of jail earlier than his expected 8 month sentence.

Nick claims to be going crazy in his little cell, and wants to be moved home for a house arrest program until he turns 18. Nick is technically too young to be placed in general population in the prison, so that's why he was put in solitary confinement in the first place.

Does Nick know anything about the way prison works? If the judge agrees to this, the second he enters gen pop, he's going to get his a** whooped! It may be mind-numbing, but at least he's safe in solitary confinement!