Nick Carter on 'Glee': 'Of Course We'd Do It'

June 27, 2011 By:
Nick Carter on 'Glee': 'Of Course We'd Do It'

For everyone who grew up in the nineties, and even those who didn’t, NKOTBSB was a long-awaited dream come true. The New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys? It’s been the most genius idea for a combination since peanut butter and chocolate.

And that’s easily confirmed by the massive, sold-out shows the groups have been performing in front of. Hollyscoop talked to Backstreet Boys heartthrob, Nick Carter.

“It’s phenomenal,” Nick told us. “The amount of love from the tremendous amount of people from the show.”

He continues that one of his most memorable moments thus far was playing in Chicago’s United Center—a massive arena that’s home turf for the legendary Chicago Bulls—and seeing the iconic banners honoring the players.

Carter says the concerts they’re playing are “a mixture of old and new” songs. Because you know people want to hear the hits.

“We have to give the people what they want,” Nick told Hollyscoop.

Ironically, Carter didn’t even listen to NKOTB growing up. “I was a weird kid, you know? I was listening to Journey.”

When asked who he’d like to collaborate with, Carter revealed he’s been talking to Dr. Luke, a Grammy nominated songwriter, producer and remixer. Luke has co-written songs by Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Miley Cyrus.

“I appreciate the songwriting,” Carter told HS. He added that he thinks country music is probably one of the best genres for original songwriting, citing Carrie Underwood as another artist he’d enjoy a collaboration with.

“But I love everything. From rock to rap to…everything. I’m always trying to discover new things.”

Carter released his solo album, I’m Taking Off on May 24. The album has reached #8 in Japan, with the single Just One Kiss reaching #12 on the Japan Hot 100.

And take note, Ryan Murphy, because when we asked Nick what he thought about the Backstreet Boys being featured on Glee, he told us: “It’s an amazing show. Of course we would do it.”

A Glee episode dedicated to the band that defined 90s pop? The ratings would be through the roof.

Carter continued: “[The Backstreet Boys] impacted a culture, and that’s what Glee kind of has done. They pay homage to good music.”

Backstreet's back, alright!