Nick Hangs Out While Mariah Makes Money

May 5, 2010 By:
Nick Hangs Out While Mariah Makes Money

Life is good for Mr. Mariah Carey. Nick Cannon, who is happily married to Mariah Carey, doesn't mind that his wife is the breadwinner because it gives him a chance to "hang out" while she "makes the money."

The househusband showed up to the NYC premiere of Just Wright last night sans his wife. When asked where Mariah was Nick told Us Weekly, "Oh, she had to work and make that money, so I'm here hanging out tonight."

Mariah and Nick: Third Times a Charm

And Mr. Mariah Carey doesn't mind his new label because he's just so darn happy. "We're not taking life way too seriously," he told Us. "We're out there having a good time and embracing each other and being friends and keeping a sense of humor about everything."

Mariah Carey Pregnant

Nick and Mariah just celebrated their two-year anniversary and Nick spent her hard earned cash on a blinged out diamond ring pop. So why a ring pop?

"When I first proposed to my wife, I did it with real ring pops," he explained. "I had a ring pop wrapper and opened it and was like, 'Look, baby, our favorite candy!' She had hers and she was like, 'Mine is broken.' She opened it up and it was her real engagement ring. So I'm a romantic guy!"

Their quickie wedding was a big shock a few years ago, and while we give them a hard time sometimes, they really seem like they're in love! And that's more than what we can say for most Hollywood couples.