Nick Cannon's Webseries Documents his Health Battle

April 3, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon's Webseries Documents his Health Battle

Nick Cannon has just made a docu-style web-series to document his health problems with kidney failure.

It’s called the “N’Credible Health Hustle” and gets pretty real. Nick shares footage from the doctors, getting needles in his arms, and even behind the scenes footage of Mariah Carey and the twins.

I’m watching more for the family footage than anything else! That’s what the Carey-Cannon living room looks like!?!?

Nick hopes to educate others who are dealing with similar health issue.

The video begins with images of Mariah and the kids playing in the snow, Nick’s voice over begins, “A few days ago, I was with my family in the show, playing, having a good time. All of a sudden, I started swelling up, having shortness of breath, excruciating pain in my right side. I wake up in the hospital, a bunch of doctors telling me I’ve got kidney failure.”

Nick Cannon has been incredibly open about his health condition. He was forced to step down from his radio show and other commitments to focus on his health and he’s let the media in every step of the way. Wait a second, wasn’t he supposed to work LESS due to his health, NOT launch a new webseries? Gotta love Nick C!

"I thank all of you for the continuous messages, and want you to know it inspires me to keep pushing," he writes online. "Hoping this series serves as inspiration for anyone dealing with kidney disease, lupus or ANY ILLNESS to keep pushing as well."