Nick Cannon Says He Gets Pulled Over for DWB Once a Week

November 17, 2011 By:
Nick Cannon Says He Gets Pulled Over for DWB Once a Week

Nick Cannon has been pulled over repeatedly for DWB—driving while Black.

The America's Got Talent host had a run-in with LAPD early Thursday morning, Tweeting that he gets "pulled over once a week…because I'm a Black man in a nice car."

But he says Thursday morning's incident actually went a lot smoother than usual. Cannon Tweeted:

"For the 1st time ever… The Cop let me go! He was a black man! Preciate it Brotha!"

From there, Cannon explained his feelings towards police officers:

"Growing up, I never liked Cops. Always felt they were bullies. I guess I shouldn’t stereotype…"

I feel you, Nick. Here's a tip: next time you get pulled over, just start crying and tell them you're on your period. Works 75% of the time.

From there, Cannon added that "at age 13 a Cop pulled me over on my bike with his gun drawn. What the hell did he think I was going to do?!"

Scary situation for a 13 year old. And his fate hasn't gotten much better:

“Now in LA I get pulled over like once a week. Honestly, I think it’s because I’m a Black man in a nice car. #KnowyourplaceBOY."

On a lighter note, Nick's been enjoying family life, ever since his wife, Mariah Carey, gave birth to their two twins, six months ago. Recently, Nick showed up to a Google event wearing a big necklace with a photo of his family in it.

Hollyscoop talked to Cannon about his new role as father, and he told us the birth of his twins brought he and Mariah closer together.

"I mean we're connected for life for real now regardless for whatever goes on."

Nick also told us the twins "are doing amazing. They're growing, they're doing really cool things."

And they already have their own little personalities: "My daughter is definitely a diva," Nick revealed to us. "So she takes after her mom."

Recently, he and Mariah showed off their twins for the first time in an interview with Barbara Walters. Nick explained he and Carey's decision to introduce the kids to the world this way.

"I think it was a privacy thing," he told us. "I don't really consider it showing them off to the world that's not really what it was about. It was timing thing to it. My wife has a wonderful relationship with Barbara Walters. It felt like if we were going to do anything we didn't want to sell our pictures and stuff like that. So you might as well invite someone into our home that we are comfortable with to do an interview."