Nick Cannon Is Back: 'I'm Not Dead!'

January 19, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon Is Back: 'I'm Not Dead!'

You can take him off your celebrity death pool, if you do that sort of thing, you sicko. Nick Cannon has returned, and he's as lively as ever. Okay, he looks a little tired, but the man just got out of the hospital, give him a break.

In a video posted to his website on Wednesday, Nick began: "Alright, so I'm back, I am not dead!" He laughs about all the "rumors" and then thanks his fans and well-wishers for their support ever since he was hospitalized a few weeks ago.

"I heard that I'm getting plastic surgery," Nick said.

I actually hadn't heard that one. But I like it when celebs spark their own rumors. But the truth is:

"I did have some major issues with my kidneys, along with some other stuff, but really I just overworked my body."

Cannon says he just did whatever he wanted and "ate whatever I wanted to eat."

"Can't really do that. And I've learned that. And I'm feeling good now, but I had to learn the lesson the hard way."

Cannon says he was in a higher altitude, hadn't slept for days, and ate too much protein.

"Back at work!" Cannon explained. "Devising master plans. But I'm being patient. Ain't about the grind all the time."

Nick added that he was going to stop and take the time to smell the roses, as well as make sure to put his wife, Mariah Carey, and their two children, Moroccan and Monroe, first.

He also thanked everyone for their support:

"I appreciate all the love, all the concern, all the letters and emails and texts, people sending me flowers and stuff."