Nick Cannon: I'm Ready for More Kids

February 7, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon: I'm Ready for More Kids

Nick Cannon wants dem siblings for dem babies. Unfortunately, Mariah Carey isn’t having any of it.

The America’s Got Talent host said he wants his twins, Moroccan and Monroe, to have siblings, but reveals that his wife, Mariah Carey, isn’t as excited about it.

“I would love to have more children,” Nick said. “Now my wife on the other hand, I think the twins took a toll on her. She is like, 'I ain't doing that again.' "

Who could blame her? I would’ve said that after the first twin was painfully ripped from my loins. I mean, the other one would’ve just had to stay in there. Forever. Like a Bonsai Kitten.

Meanwhile, Nick has been put on a special diet after he was rushed to the hospital with mild kidney failure last month. He told the New York Daily newspaper:

"I used to be a fast-food junkie. [Mariah] gets to have higher protein, which isn't fair because I love my steaks and I can't eat that anymore. Her carbs are lower so we are both on a diet, but it is different."

Yeah but, she had to have two human beings pulled out of her stomach...and now you want that to happen to her again.

“Getting back in shape is going to be tuff,” Nick also Tweeted about his new diet/workout regimen. “The DR said because of my condition my body can't process protein and that's what builds muscle. Time to work smarter not harder... but I got to get right by the time America's Got Talent starts!”