'World Of Jenks' Premieres Inspirational Second Season

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'World Of Jenks' Premieres Inspirational Second Season
Image By: MTV

Andrew Jenks is a 26-year-old filmmaker and brainchild behind MTV’s docu-series “World of Jenks.” Andrew basically lives with his subjects, spending a year with three different individuals and over the course of 10 episodes, hopes to expose a softer more selfless side to the millennial generation.

But this isn’t your typical MTV show about guidos at the shore or pregnant teenagers dealing with baby daddy drama, “World of Jenks” follows the lives of three extraordinary young people.

“One is a young woman, Kaylin, really bad a$$, fashion designer and unfortunately, she has two different types of cancer, thyroid cancer and Ewing’s sarcoma,” Andrew tells Hollyscoop, “The other person I follow is a guy in Oakland named D-real, African American and reminds me of like ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ back in the day… and he has dealt with the murder of his brother and his best friend after he was involved in some serious gang violence. The third is the funniest guy I've ever met. His name's Chad and Chad is graduating school, going to prom and he has autism.”

The first season of “World of Jenks” was widely regarded as inspirational and eye-opening, mostly due to the fact that Andrew gets in front of the camera and has a relationship with the lives he’s filming, rather than staying behind the camera like most documentarians.

“The people that I follow are all very vulnerable in a lot of different ways and so I think it's really important to show that I'm vulnerable too by being in front of the camera,” he tells us, “So maybe I'll cry or I'll get mad and they'll say, 'Oh, look. Andrew's willing to kind of expose himself in that way. Maybe I can as well.’”

Andrew is wise beyond his years, delicately turning his passion for people into both a career and something that resonates with others.

“It sounds cheesy but if you can find something that really strikes a chord with you and then work really hard to try and make it into something that people can enjoy as entertainment, then you have a much stronger possibility of getting to where you want to be.”

“World of Jenks” airs Monday nights on MTV at 11:00pm ET/PT