When Did Emma Thompson Get So Fabulous?

January 20, 2014 By:
When Did Emma Thompson Get So Fabulous?
Image By: Getty Images / George Pimentel

We’ve always known Emma Thompson has great acting skills.


She gives us the feels like no other.


And then she did that bizarre Nanny McPhee nonsense…

…And we we’re like, “Oh, homegirl’s a weirdo.”


But now Emma Thompson is a total throw-caution-to-the-wind party girl…


Who is, like, literally throwing her shoes offstage at awards shows…


And not even bothering to wear heels to the SAG Awards.


She’s a better PHOTOBOMBER than Jennifer Lawrence.


…And one time, she took a pig to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


She even did a pratfall at an event last month, just cuz.


She greeted fans in a weird way at the Toronto International Film Festival, but we liked it.


She was easily having more fun than anyone else at the Golden Globes.


…And this was actually how she presented an award at the Critics' Choice Awards last week.


Emma Thompson is actually kind of fabulous…and we had no idea.