This Is What Happened to Aaron Samuels from 'Mean Girls'

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This Is What Happened to Aaron Samuels from 'Mean Girls'
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Remember Mean Girls?


Of course you do, obviously, duh.


But do you remember alpha hottie Aaron Samuels?



AKA “hair pushed back” GOD OF LIFE AARON SAMUELS!


For someone with such promising bone structure, Aaron Samuels (okay, his REAL name is Jonathan Bennett) literally fell OFF after Mean Girls.


Okay, he was in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

Ace Show Biz/Twentieth Century Fox


And some movie called Music High, in which he played a character named Jazz.

Jonathan Bennet Digital


And some straight-to-Netflix film called Slightly Single in L.A. in which he starred opposite fellow Mean Girls alum Lacey Chabert!



Oh, he also came out of the closet. He was once linked to “Kyle XY” hottie, Matt Dallas.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Speaking of hotties who retired…Matt Dallas, anyone!?

Jason Merritt/FilmMagic


Sorry, where were we? Oh yeah, Jonathan Bennett…He works as a cycling instructor at Fly Wheel in Los Angeles now.

Fly Wheel

Yes, you can go take a cycling class from him. Yes, common folk can learn to ride a stationary bike with Jonathan Bennett!


He also hosts an upcoming show on MTV called “Copy Cat” where regular people try to sing songs and sound exactly like the celebrity they are copying…


Here he is with co-host Danica McKellar…


And that’s what Jonathan Bennett is up to. Bet you didn’t expect him to be leading cycling classes, huh?