Video: Terry Crews Makes Sweet Muscle Music In Old Spice Campaign

August 29, 2012 By:
Video: Terry Crews Makes Sweet Muscle Music In Old Spice Campaign

Here’s a brand new video to confuse you beyond the point of sanity.

As is the trend with the men’s deodorant company Old Spice, a new video spot features a ripped Terry Crews. To summarize this one, a brief, three-letter response will do… “WTF!”

The video – titled “Old Spice Muscle Music” - features the former NFL’er sitting on a drum stool, facing the camera in a red body builder Speedo. Surrounding Crews is a series of instruments… Some traditional, some not so much…

There’s an electric guitar, a line of “flame saxes,” a tambourine, drum synth pads, symbols, shell drums, and a bass drum (a.k.a. a metal barrel.) There’s even a television and a giant, electricity–powered replica of Terry’s head.

All these devices are powered by one source… Crews’ body. The muscle man is fitted with electrodes. As he flexes, power is distributed to an instrument to make music… Different muscles make different sounds… And, when you’ve got guns like Crews, you’ve got a symphony.

He flexes and chants along…

“Macho. Macho. Macho. Macho. What? Macho. Macho. Macho. Flex….”

When the one minute, 16 second spot wraps up, the video turns into an interactive activity, where viewers can use their keyboard to flex different muscles and make their own tunes.

Disturbing? Yes. Awesome? Also, yes.

Along with Old Spice, the geniuses behind the landmark achievement are Wieden & Kennedy Portland, MJZ's Tom Kuntz, The Mill and Vimeo, where the video is currently housed.

If you’re in a weird mood, or are just bored out your mind, it is well worth checking out.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.