US Airways Flight Crashes Into Hudson River

January 15, 2009 By:
US Airways Flight Crashes Into Hudson River

This will make you rethink the next flight you’re going to take. A US Airways flight bound for Charlotte, North Carolina took off from La Guardia Airport this morning when it suddenly crashed into the Hudson River.

There were over 150 people on board the plane that had just taken off, when they experienced what’s called a “bird strike,” according to the FAA.

What that means is that a flock of birds managed to find their way into one of both of the plane’s engines, causing it to crash. Thankfully, every passenger is being reported as safe, and that everyone was able to exit the aircraft.

Passenger Alberto Pinero said that within a couple minutes after takeoff, "you just heard a loud bang and the plane shook a bit."

Passengers could smell smoke, and "the plane just started turning. ... We knew something was going on, 'cause look, we were turning back," he said.

"Somehow, the plane stayed afloat and we were all able to get on a raft," Pinero said. "It's just incredible now that everyone's still alive."

The pilot reportedly said he needed to turn around, and wanted to land in Teterboro, New Jersey because it was closer. That was the last thing the passengers heard before the pilot said over the PA, “Brace for impact.”

Pinero said, "That's when we knew we were going down and into the water," Pinero said rescue boats arrived immediately.

Passenger Fred Barretta said, "I think a lot of people started praying and just collecting themselves. It was quite stunning."

Passengers all had on life jackets and were rescued off the wings as others held onto the plane's seat cushions, which serve as flotation devices.

Some of those rescued were taken to area hospitals to be treated for exposure and secondary injuries. 50 other people, including several children, were kept at a ferry terminal and warmed with blankets. Keep in mind; the weather in New York right now is under 20 degrees, so that water is frigid!

Wow, what a crazy story. All that matters is that everyone is ok. And if you think you may know someone that was on that flight, the airline asks that you call US Airways at 1-800-679-8215.