Tune In: 'Saving Hope' Premieres On NBC

June 7, 2012 By:
Tune In: 'Saving Hope' Premieres On NBC

The TV show “House” may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the world of medical drama has to end with it.

Now before you go groaning about yet another hospital-set series, this one seems to innovate.

The new NBC show “Saving Hope” takes the genre that we’ve come accustomed to and flips it on its head. By that, I mean the series adds a new dimension to its storytelling: The afterlife.

“It’s not just the fact that it’s a medical drama,” says series star Erica Durance. “It’s a medical drama with ghosts.”

Durance plays surgeon Alex Reid whose fiancé is Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris, played by Michael Sparks. Their lives are thrown for a major twist when, on the way to their wedding, the couple gets into a car accident. They seem to comes out fine, but moments later Harris suffers a stroke that results in a long-term coma.

Harris wanders the halls of his hospital in spirit form, trapped in the “gateway” between life and death. With all the tragedy a hospital attracts, you can be sure Harris encounters others in a similar state.

“I’m really enjoying [Harris’] sardonic sense of humor,” says Sparks, describing his character. The actor particularly fancies the little quarks that come with Harris such as “the fact that he’s an atheist and he’s entered a spiritual part of the world.”

With a renewed sense of the afterlife, Harris becomes a bit of a guide to newcomers on their way to the afterworld and temporary visitors who, like him, have lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Reid tries to hang on to, well... “Hope.” The couple’s connection struggles through the worldly split while a new recruit/love interest, Dr. Joel Goran, played by Daniel Gillies, moves in.

“[Dr. Goran] has a history with Erica Durance’s character, Alex Reid. They were former lovers,” says Gillies. “That energy has never entirely diminished between the two of them.”

Perfect timing…

The new series premieres Thursday June 7th at 9/8c on NBC.

Enter with caution Hollyscoopers… This one’s juicy enough to be the next “Grey’s Anatomy.”