The Lost Book Of Nostradamus: History Channel Special

October 29, 2007 By:
The Lost Book Of Nostradamus: History Channel Special

As I was suffering through this 2-hour fear-mongering blabfest, I couldn't help but think about the "age" we live in. The age of media. And not only that, the power of the media now. The power it has to not only push certain messages and propaganda to billions of people in a nanosecond, but also the power of manipulation in convincing the viewers, through dramatic music and slick editing, that the end of the world is going to be in 2012.

Although at the same time I felt compelled to view the latest Nostradamus crap. It's childhood nostalgia really. Ahh.. the memories of staying up late at night, watching a bad actor doing a cheesy reenactment of Nostradamus scribbling by candlelight next to a window open to the stars. And then this graphic of a prophetic eye amidst storm clouds opens … and suddenly images of Napoleon, Hitler, and now… Osama Bin Laden appear! Finally the 3 antichrists have been revealed!

But the purported "Lost Book" that was found in 1994 by journalist Ensa Massa in the Italian National Library is nothing more than pictures and water colored paintings that most of their "experts" say Nostradamus didn't even do. So why is this his "Lost Book"?

Aside from the fact that his name is on some ledger attributing it to Nostradamus, In a nutshell, these "experts" think his son, Cesar, might have done it. After all Cesar was an artist. And since these images are very childlike, it would make sense that he was a child when painting these (while his father was scribbling by candlelight of course.) AND… they relate directly to certain Quatrains, right? Hmm… it's all making sense.

Well, considering that the Quatrains, which aren't originally in English, are nothing more than cryptic poetry interpreted any way the reader wants it to be, It's not that far fetched for some to make the connection, right?

But no no, that's not all. Evidently the copy of the Lost Book that was found is a copy itself. That's right. There was the original copy dating back to the time of Nostradamus and Cesar, something that is 100% hypothetical (no shred of evidence), and then there is the copy they do have, the one that was found in 1994, which again these "experts" date to the 18th century.

Ugh! My brain hurts.