Team USA Made an ‘80s Yearbook and It’s Totally Bitchin’

February 7, 2014 By:
Team USA Made an ‘80s Yearbook and It’s Totally Bitchin’

Our Olympians compiled a retro yearbook—complete with bad ‘80s fashion and cheesy senior year quotes—and the results are GOLD.

Some favorites compiled by sport:


Mikaela Shiffrin, Alana Nichols, and Stacey Cook, alpine skiing

Best quote: “Sun shines through the rain.” – Alana


Bobby Brown, David Wise, Nick Goepper, freestyle skiing

Best quote: “On the stage or on the field, the babes holler at me.” – Nick


Maddie Bowman, Emily Cook, Keri Herman, freestyle skiing

Best quote: “Neon will never go out of style.” – Emily


Kelly Clark, Kaitlyn Farrington, Nate Holland, snowboarding

Best quote: “I’ve been a senior twice and it gets easier each year.” – Nate


Shani Davis, Patrick Meek, speed skating

Best quote: “There’s only one of me, so drink it in while you still can.” – Patrick


Julie Chu, Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel, hockey

Best quote: “Mmmmm, better not!” – Hilary


Jeremy Abbott, Charlie White, Meryl Davis, figure skating

Best quote: “Blossom is my fashion idol.” – Meryl


Katie Uhlaender, John Daly, skeleton

“Shirts are overrated.” – John


Flip through the full yearbook where you can cast your votes in various superlative categories. High-fives all around!