Tate Stevens Surprisingly Named Winner of "The X Factor"

December 21, 2012 By:
Tate Stevens Surprisingly Named Winner of

In what might be considered the greatest upset in reality singing competition history, Okay I’m being dramatic, country crooner Tate Stevens and NOT child prodigy Carly Rose Sonenclar was named the winner of “The X Factor” last night.

Technically Sonenclar and Stevens had been neck and neck all season and Stevens took the number one spot on the leaderboard three times over Sonenclar’s two, so it's actually NOT surprising, but when does ANYONE talk about Tate Stevens? I can’t go to work, the grocery store, or my mom’s house without hearing SOMETHING about Carly Rose Sonenclar. Tate Stevens, who dat?

That being said, Stevens seemed very deserving of the title. He quit his job for this opportunity and constantly worried about being able to provide for his family while he pursued his dreams, you could see how conflicted he was every week and how badly he wanted the crown.


However, we weren’t surprised while watching the results episode because Britney Spears spoiler alerted the results on her Twitter page before the show even started.

About an hour before the West Coast feed began Britney tweeted, “You are a winner in my eyes tonight @CarlyRoseMusic & I know you’re going to have a very long career…#ProudOfCarly.”

So basically we all knew Sonenclar didn’t win before we even started watching the show and obviously Fifth Harmony wasn’t going to win, so we knew it was Tate Stevens before I had even sat down to watch the episode.

Stevens is now walking away with a $5 million recording contract and hopefully he will stay in our collective consciousness longer than last year’s winner Melanie Amaro did, who says her album comes out early next year…but who knows, she put out a single over the summer and I’m pretty sure no-one knew about it.

But, people LOVE Country music and it’s one of the few genres left where people actually BUY CD’s and pay for iTunes downloads, so he should do well. Congrats Tate Stevens!